What Happens When You See With God’s Eyes

Have you ever noticed that we are never really alone? People are all around us. Either physically or digitally. The way you choose to see them can change your life!

Negative People

Have you ever been around someone so negative they suck the joy out of you? I am guessing we have all been there and sometimes may even become that person.

In a hopeless scenario, we tend to see things under a black and white lens that turns everything around us into a bad 1920’s silent comedy movie – aka not fun!

Most people who see through a negative lens have a misconception of themselves as well as those around them. We usually see things through our own limited way of understanding. This lens does not always believe “with God all things are possible!”

Believing all things are possible with God will shake away the dust of disbelief and open a realm of possibilities!

The Everyday Struggle

Small things can make big differences, especially when relating to people. How you see others is important. How do you see someone who is grumpy all the time? How do you see the person who cuts you off when you’re driving, or doesn’t hold the elevator when you are late? How do you see the person who makes little of your big achievements, or simply doesn’t respond when you greet them?

I know, the struggle is real.

What if I told you those people actually carry treasures inside of them? Deep down there is something very special. What if I told you that God actually LOVES them? Wait, WHAT? Yes, you heard me. God loves them and He created them to carry the treasures of His Heart.

I heard someone wise once say:

No one is too big that he can’t learn or too small that he can’t teach.

If we choose to see them by what is coming out of them, then we will react in a negative way. Just like physics taught us; negative repels negative.

God’s Point of View

What would happened if we saw every tragedy as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves? If we saw every disease as a miracle in the making, and every crisis as an invitation from Heaven to see things how God sees?

Whenever we are pulling our hair out and losing our minds, God is looking at us and saying, “Hey, I got it covered! Trust me, things look better from up here! Come and see!” If we ask God for His eyes, we will see people and challenges through His perspective. When we do not seem to understand, even through His lense, we have an opportunity to rest in Him.

The Goodness Within

Love is patient, love is kind.

When God is our source, we see people by the spirit and not the flesh. The Spirit is a fountain that overflows with the goodness of God. HE NEVER RUNS OUT! Then we can water the soul of a person who is being robbed of who they are by the circumstances of life.

Choose to answer with love. Be kind and make someone smile. Even if you can’t, goodness and kindness will always find their way back to you when you least expect.

When you see people with God’s eyes you see walking and talking miracles right in front of you. Their lives are part of a greater mystery in the universe.

They are gemstones who can shine the light of Christ and reflect the Glory of the Father. Choose to see how God sees because men see the outward fading appearance, but God sees the heart.


  • How has choosing to respond in love benefitted your life?
Rafael Magalhaes