Who We Are

We are a group of people from various churches who strongly believe that the Godhead consists of, God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that all scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for teaching, correction and rebuking in the training up of righteousness so that the man of God is thoroughly equipped for every good work. We are all in agreement to seek an intimate relationship with God in the secret place, to be involved in intercessory prayer, to invite anointed speakers to impart the gifts of the Holy Spirit, conduct courses in Biblical training and to equip missionaries to go forth locally and internationally, all in the name of Jesus.

We are a growing group of believers covering all ages who are hungry for the manifest presence of God!  This group began in early 2012  under the leadership of Beau Key, when God gave him a hunger, a fire, and a vision to grow in the knowledge of Him ~ both in the secret place and with the family.  

We are extremely “seeker sensitive” of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that God’s heart is not just for people to ‘hear’ about Him, but God’s desire now and all the while was to have ‘a place where He can encounter people, personally and corporately’.  We are watching Him do amazing things in the lives of those who are the intentional seekers of God, the hurting ones, and those desperate to know God.  

After a believer encounters God, their lives are usually ruined for life as they knew it before.  It can no longer satisfy them.  That is why discipleship has become a core value of our group.  The next step after an encounter is learning how to keep that fire burning through developing our most corest of core beliefs, “a fiery, hot secret place with the Father.”  This is where overflow and destiny are discovered and we ourselves become a living encounter for the world to experience God through us.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father…”  And although Jesus was fully God, and fully man, He modeled life as a person completely submitted to the Holy Spirit.  Jesus’ life was very fruitful in every way.  If Jesus only did what He saw The Father do, and only said what he heard The Father say, then this means we have an extremely exciting expectation placed upon us to do the same with The Lord.  We must and can know our heavenly Father ‘face-to-face.’  We must hear His voice personally.  Isn’t this thrilling!  I have chills just writing this.  The very sign of the baptism of The Holy Spirit is that our spirits cry out, “Abba Father’ (which literally means ‘Daddy Father’).  It is essential for living the Kingdom life to KNOW our Father and to have a very personal relationship with Him.  Any other way of doing Christianity is out of the flesh and of our own effort.  The King’s Kids’ heart’s desire is to create an environment where people may encounter the living God.

With our group, the very best part of the day is our ‘secret place’ time with God.  We love to get up early and invite the Holy Spirit in to direct our worship, our prayer time, our journaling, listening, and the very best of the best, going up and sitting on Papa God’s lap and learning from Him. It does not get much better in this life than that which was just written!  We do not merely find a devotional and  read a chapter or two in the Bible.  We do more because of hunger for Him: We tear through YouTube worship videos, preaching videos, and we also read yummy books that will equip us to do what Jesus did.  And when we journal or pray, we do it relationally.  We often hear from Him more than we speak . When we leave our secret place and enter into our daily responsibilities, it feels much like the kids did in the movie, “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  As they stepped out of Narnia and the experiences of their great escapades, and then back into their Uncle’s house by the way of the wardrobe, they could not stop talking or thinking about how their life was radically changed by their thrilling adventures.

Now through discipleship and the daily emphasizing of going to ‘the secret place,’ we are seeing crazy growth and powerful fruit in believers both young and mature.  The Secret Place is the secret to the overflow!  It is the manifest presence of God; like heaven on earth.

Son-Burn Encounters is not a church as we know it, it truly is a family of love driven believers.  We quickly bond in our meetings and have this incredible desire to somehow be involved in each other’s daily lives.  We honestly care about one another!  But we are really seeking and need other hungry, sold-out, “I’m not playing Christian,” lovers of God out there to interact with.  We firmly believe God gave all forms of technology for His children to be blessed with usage in their lives.  We take advantage of all of it.   Our favorite form of communication is through an app on our smart phones called, “Voxer”.  We connect with each other all day through this venue.  We feed each other fresh daily bread from heaven (His Word, prayer and personal experiences), that we call, Morning Manna, named like food the Hebrew children had to gather daily while in the wilderness; we encourage and edify one another, we pray together, and we get blasted when joy comes and falls upon us. We weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice, just as the Scriptures declare.  The Vox is our greatest communication blessing to this group!  Many of us do not live within the Pittsburgh area, or even Pennsylvania, but we connect every day as though voxing.

We all laugh and say, the Son-Burn Encounters group should come with a ‘warning label’ (several really), that says, “God comes to these meetings!”  When He moves, or ‘shows up’ as we like to call it ~ then, take a deep breath, don’t be afraid, just enjoy Him and His love with your entire being.  This is truly why you were created, for His good pleasure!

Son-Burn Encounters is truly a journey beginning with “a personal encounter with God, and the ever-present transformation through fascination in Jesus Christ, and then finally, taking over the world…I mean to say, doing what God commanded all believers to do, “making disciples of all nations.”  In past years of the church age, “staying connected to the vine” and “making disciples of all nations” has sounded quite challenging and intimidating to the regular believer in God.  We as a group, have found what Jesus had in mind and was saying by His example, to be filled with the Spirit, who He calls our Helper and Comforter, and be so full of joy and love for Him and for one another.  

There is nothing better to us than being about our Father’s business ~ it is truly